May 3, 2010

Damallsvenskan 2010, Round 5

LdB FC Malmö—Linköpings FC 0 - 0
Warning: LFC Maja Krantz 55'
Sources: pictures from LFC

For some reason both teams are a little behind on their reporting, and details about this game are lacking at the moment; about all I can say is the the stats were pretty even. There are some good pictures though.

Kopparbergs/Göteborg—AIK 5 - 0 (4-0)
Goals: 7' Sara Lindén 1-0; 31' Sara Lindén (passning Linnea Liljegärd) 2-0; 35' Linnea Liljegärd (passning Lisa Ek) 3-0; 45' Olivia Schough (passning Linnea Liljegärd) 4-0; 71' Marlene Sjöberg (passning Olivia Schough) 5-0
Warnings: K/G Lisa Ek 67'; AIK Sofia Simonsson 69'
Sources: damfotboll.com, goteborgfc.se, some nice pictures of this game

K/G is picking up steam, and looking more like the team that many thought would have their run of the league this year. They had lost to AIK at home two years in a row, and were eager for revenge. Last year's league-leading scorers Linnea Lilijegärd and Sara Lindén had a good day of it, and according to the K/G website at least, all the goals were pretty. The second half was less intense than the first, but defender Marlene Sjöberg added the fifth, following the play all the way from the defense and finishing well. K/G also reports that AIK keeper Maja Åström had several fine saves.

Sunnanå SK—Tyresö FF 1 - 1 (1-1)
Goals: 14' Linda Fransson (passning Kristina Wiklund) 1-0; 34' Kirsten van de Ven (passning Azra Durakovic) 1-1
Warnings: SSK Matilda Forslund 32'; TFF Lisa Klinga 76'
Source: damfotboll.com

This was a tough and occasionally entertaining game, quite evenly played, and marked the second comeback of defender Hanna Marklund. "It was fun to play. but it's more fun to play if you're in training," Marklund said. Dutch international Kirsten van de Van now has four goals on the year for Tyresö. Tyresö's goalkeeper Carola Söberg saved a penalty kick from Linda Fransson in the 7th minute, before Fransson atoned and scored in the run of play. Both coaches report claim to be satisfied with the game.

Kristianstads DFF—Umeå IK 3 - 1 (2-0)
Goals: 3' Antonia Göransson (passning Susanne Moberg) 1-0; 4' Susanne Moberg (passning Margret Lara Vidarsdottir) 2-0; 59' Margret Lara Vidarsdottir 3-0 (penalty); 74' Sofia Jakobsson 3-1
Warnings: KDFF Kirsty Yallop 41'; UIK Emma Berglund 42'; UIK Emma Berglund 59' (ejection); KDFF Johanna Rosén 62'; UIK Sofia Jakobsson 73'
Sources: damfotboll.com, uik.se

This one must have been quite a game—two goals against UIK within the first five minutes, and five yellow cards, one of which resulted in an ejection and penalty kick. KDFF dominated the stats, taking twice as many shots and three times as many shots on goal. Striker Antonia Göransson had a good day, scoring the first goal and earning the penalty kick. KDFF's regular goalkeeper, Sandra Wahldén, was injured, so standing in goal for KDFF was central defender Erla Arnardottir ("Damallsvenskan's least experienced goalkeeper, and only 160cm"). She is glad to be moving back to the field despite her successful stint between the posts; KDFF is trying to secure the services of Italian goalkeeper Anna Maria Picarelli, who does not have a club team at present.

UIK is probably feeling a bit down in the dumps these days, having just exited the Champion's League at the hands of Olympique Lyonnais, and losing striker Hanna Pettersson (who scored both goals in the first semifinal) to a fractured left fibula in the process. She has already been operated on to stabilize the bone and a damaged tendon, and is expected to be in a cast for the next six weeks, but might be back for Umeå's new round of Champion's League games by August. Right now Umeå lies eighth in the domestic table, although it must be remembered that they and KIF are a game behind everyone else.

Jitex BK—KIF Örebro DFF 0 - 1 (0-1)
Goal: 43' Elin Magnusson 0-1

This game was the first one for both teams to be played on a natural grass surface. The stats were pretty even, with KIF's goal coming from Elin Magnusson just before halftime. KIF was awarded a penalty kick in second half extra time, which Magnusson missed.

Djurgården—Hammarby IF DFF 2 - 1 (0-0)
Goals: 57' Emma Lundh (passning Sarah Michael) 1-0; 62' Daniella Chamoun (passning Leena Puranen) 1-1; 72' Sarah Michael (passning Natalia Rickne) 2-1
Warning: DIF Alexandra Höglund 90+'
Source: damfotboll.com, difdam.nu, and also pictures at hammarbydamfotboll.com
Video highlights

Djurgården is trying to drum up support, and held a promotion for a "Derby without violence," in which fans wearing match jerseys of either team would get half off their entry fee. It's not clear how well this worked, as the attendance was 512, which is not too much, but better than usual. The first half was pretty even, but then Djurgården came out of the locker room and played more aggressively in the second. Hammarby are hoping to take some points away from the next derby next week, when they host AIK at Kanalplan; both teams currently lie beneath the relegation line,