May 4, 2010

Sky Blue Deals Asante and Washington to Saint Louis

Sky Blue FC has traded defender Anita Asante, midfielder/attacker Nikki Washington, and their 2nd round selection in 2011 to Saint Louis for India Trotter and Athletica's 1st round selection in 2011.

Both Asante, who spent 2009 with Sky Blue, and Nikki Washington, who was acquired in the Los Angeles dispersal draft, have been injured. It is not known at the present time when either player would be able to return to action. Washington was never signed by New Jersey, presumably because of her injury which occured while playing for the University of North Carolina last fall.

“This is a move we feel clearly makes our team better by addressing a need,” said Saint Louis General Manager Tim Owens. “We have acquired one of the world’s elite defenders, which was a priority for us. Plus, we were able to bring in a young, dynamic, and very versatile player that is one of the young, upcoming stars in U.S. Soccer ”

“It is tough to give up a great player and a great person such as India Trotter,” stated Tim Owens.

To make room for Asante, who is an international, Athletica released Daniela, who has been injured since last May. Daniela scored the very first goal in Saint Louis history in the very game she was injured.

“It was a very difficult decision to part ways with a player such as Daniela,” reflected Owens. “She is a warrior, and she has a passion for the game that is second to none. We will always consider Daniela to be a part of the Athletica family.”

The deal comes after Athletica gave up 3 goals to Washington last weekend, only the 2nd time that has happened in franchise history. Clearly, Saint Louis felt the need to beef up their defense in light of that performance.