September 13, 2010

Damallsvenskan 2010, round 18

Foul-wise, it was unusually clean week in Damallsvenskan, featuring only three yellow cards in two games. Injury-wise, there was one somewhat horrifying injury as Sunnanå's Kicki Viklund smacked her head into a metal post off the side of the field, and was stretchered off bleeding profusely from her forehead and wearing a neck-brace. Score-wise, it was an uneven week, with two seven-goal games, two three-goal games, and also one incredibly boring 0-0 draw. Guess which game I went to.

4 september
Umeå IK v. Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC 1 - 2 (1 - 0)
Goals: 45' Sofia Jakobsson (passning Emmelie Konradsson) (1-0); 47' Lisa Dahlkvist (passning Johanna Almgren) 1-1; 53' Linnea Liljegärd (passning Johanna Almgren) 1-2
Source: damfotboll

Good combination play between UIK's young players Konradsson and Jakobsson put the visitors ahead just before the half, but apparently K/G coach Torbjörn Nilsson gave his team some sort of fiery speech in the locker room, as they came out for the second half and scored almost immediately. Only five minutes later Almgren had her second assist, sending a ball to Liljegärd who left one defender behind and also outran the one ahead of her to score the winning goal. The game slowed down after that, although UIK pressed hard in the final minutes. K/G is now almost assured of second place in the league—their highest finish ever— and a Champions League berth next year.

5 september
Kristianstads DFF v. Jitex BK 3 - 4 (1 - 4)
Goals: 7' Malin Fors (passning Kristin Carlsson) 0-1; 12' Annica Sjölund 0-2; 33' Kristin Carlsson 0-3; 35' Kirsty Yallop (passning Susanne Moberg) 1-3; 41' Malin Fors 1-4; 54' Susanne Moberg 2-4; 57' Mia Carlsson (passning Therese Björck) 3-4
Warnings: KDFF Emelie Johnsson 46'
Source: damfotboll, Jitex
Pictures of the game

KDFF refused to give up, despite being three goals behind at halftime— "Jitex had some cheap goals," according to KDFF coach Elisabet Gunnarsdottir, "it was if our defense had never played together before"— but her team made a good game of it with two in the second half. The hunt for third place continues for Jitex, who are only one point behind Linköping.

LdB FC Malmö v. Sunnanå SK 3 - 0 (2 - 0)
Goals: 31' Pavlina Scasna 1-0; 36' Pavlina Scasna 2-0; 68' Pavlina Scasna (passning Therese Sjögran) 3-0
Source: damfotboll match report, damfotboll follow-up on Kicki Viklund, damfotboll on the metal posts that hold the advertising signs

Scasna's hat trick performance was great, sure, but this game will be remembered also for the incident in which SSK's Kicki Viklund slid off the field and cut her forehead open on a metal post used to hold advertising. The profuse bleeding was bad, but it looked like it could have been even worse. The stadium operators claim that the posts are 3.05 meters away from the sidelines, just a little over the regulation 3 meters. Still, after this accident, I hope someone is either reconsidering the distance or reconsidering fixed metal posts.

Hammarby IF DFF v. KIF Örebro 0 - 1 (0 - 1)
Goals: 15' Marina Pettersson (passning Edda Gardarsdottir) 0-1
Source: damfotboll

An unhappy return to the every day for Hammarby, following their win last week against AIK. The back lines of both teams had the best play on the day, and therefore the audience did not see so many scoring opportunities. "We had more chances than Hammarby, but did not play well today. We met a physical and struggling Hammarby and defended ourselves well," said KIF coach Richard Holmlund, a little confusingly.

Hammarby, with 12 points, has to play its last four games against Tyresö (home), Linköping (away), Umeå (away) and Kristianstad (home); Sunnanå with 14 points is the team that they have to best chance of overtaking to avoid relegation. Sunnanå plays against Jitex (home), Djurgården (away), Örebro (home) and Linköping (away) and therefore perhaps has the every so slightly easier schedule. It's not looking good for Hammarby.

Djurgårdens IF v. Linköpings IF 0 - 0 (0 - 0)
Source: damfotboll, my own eyes

No goals, no warnings... a game in which not much happened at all. It figures, that this is the game that I went to this week. Djurgården celebrated mildly at the end, as a tie against last year's league winners must certainly be considered a positive achievement by them.

Tyresö FF v. AIK 5 - 2 (1 - 1)
Goals: 15' Katrin Schmidt (passning Elaine Moura) 1-0; 26' Fiona O Sullivan 1-1; 44' Jennifer Egelryd 2-1; 60' Kirsten van de Ven 2-1; 63' Madelaine Edlund (passning Elaine Moura) 3-1; 71' Azra Durakovic 4-1; 89' Elin Ekblom Bak 5-1; 90' Tiffany Weimer 5-2
Warnings: AIK Sofia Simonsson 1'; TFF Kirsten van de Ven 81'
Source: damfotboll

"If it had been 2-0 the match might have run our way, and it would have become a little vacuum. AIK has strengthened but not so much as to threaten us," said TFF manager Hans Löfgren. Schmidt, van de Ven, Edlund, and Elaine were the players who distinguished themselves the most, and in damfotboll's match report, Ekblom Bak looks especially pleased to have scored and won against her old team AIK. Ex-Nittany Lion Weimer added a consolation goal for AIK in stoppage time.