September 2, 2010

Damallsvenskan 2010, round 17

It was Derby Time again in Damallsvenskan, with Stockholm Northsiders AIK hosting Southsiders Hammarby (both teams also in the basement of the league), Way Up North Sunnanå hosting Slightly Less North Umeå, and last but not least the Skåne derby, featuring Kristianstad against LdB.

1 sept
Jitex BK v. Linköpings FC 1 - 1 (0 - 0)
Goals: 50' Kathlene Fernström 0-1; 85' Maria Karlsson 1-1
Warnings: JBK Sofia Skog 67'
Source: damfotboll

LFC manages only partial revenge for their earlier home loss to JBK; this draw between the teams at 3rd and 4th places mostly helps Kopparbergs/Göteborg have a more secure grip on 2nd.

1 sept
Sunnanå SK v. Umeå IK 1 - 3 (1 - 2)
Goals: 12' Sofia Jakobsson (passning Rita Chikwelu) 0-1; 41' Kristina Wiklund (passning Perpetua Nkwocha) 1-1; 44' Sofia Jakobsson (passning Rita Chikwelu) 1-2; 80' Rita Chikwelu (passning Emmelie Konradsson) 1-3
Warnings: UIK Linnéa Ågren 31'
Source: damfotboll

The return leg of the Up North derby, which last time UIK won 6-1. UIK's Chikwelu increases her season point total, assisting on two goals and scoring one herself.

1 sept
KIF Örebro v. Djurgårdens IF DFF 3 - 1 (2 - 1)
Goals: 10' Sanna Talonen (passning Marie Hammarström) 1-0; 13' Marie Hammarström 2-0; 36' Sarah Michael 2-1; 77' Marina Pettersson 3-1
Warnings: DIF Alexandra Höglund 50'; DIF Rebecca Johnson 77'; KIF Jennie Wecksell 87'
Source: damfotboll

A practice game for the two teams who will play in the Swedish Cup finals; the game points a clear finger at how that game will probably go.

1 sept
LdB FC Malmö v. Kristianstads DFF 5 - 3 (1 - 3)
Goals: 12' 0-1 Margret Lara Vidarsdottir 0-1; 13' Manon Melis (passning Frida Nordin) 1-1; 15' Susanne Moberg 1-2; 35' Sofie Andersson 1-3; 53' Therese Sjögran (passning Pavlina Scasna) 2-3; 60' Manon Melis (passning Therese Sjögran) 3-3; 65' Pavlina Scasna (passning Therese Sjögran) 4-3; 76' Linda Forsberg (passning Therese Sjögran) 5-3
Warnings: KDFF Gudny Björk Odinsdottir 88'
Source: svenskfotboll, damfotboll

Two substitutions I was happy to see near the end of the game: Kathryn Gill got on the field second time in a week (replacing Nilla Fischer in the 81st) as did young forward Sarah Storck (in for Manon Melis in the 84th). LdB must have gotten quite a stern halftime speech from their coach; they scored four goals in a little more than 20 minutes in the second half.

1 sept
Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC v. Tyresö FF 2 - 1 (2 - 1)
Goals: 4' Madelaine Edlund (passning Line Roddik/Hansen) 0-1; 14' Jane Törnqvist 1-1; 33' Linnea Liljegärd (passning Johanna Almgren) 2-1
Warnings: KGFC Johanna Almgren 23'; TFF Sofie Persson 71'; TFF Elaine Moura 86'
Source: svenskfotboll, damfotboll

TFF's Edlund scores for her new team time, her third in two appearances. For KGFC, it's always nice to see Törnqvist (one of Sweden's Grand Dames) score. Besides the two goalscorers, KGFC coach Torbjörn Nilsson acknowledged also the contributions of defender Stina Segerström.

1 sept
AIK v. Hammarby IF DFF 2 - 4 (2 - 1)
Goals: 25' Tiffany Weimer (passning Clara Markstedt) 1-0; 37' Fiona O Sullivan (passning Linda Sembrant) 2-0; 40' Tempest-Marie Norlin (passning Hodan Siid-Ahmed) 1-2; 50' Nazanin Vaseghpanah (passning Matilda Agné) 2-2; 73' Nazanin Vaseghpanah 3-2; 85' Tempest-Marie Norlin (passning Annica Svensson) 4-2
Warnings: AIK Petronella Ekroth 12'; HIF Matilda Agné 35'; HIF Nazanin Vaseghpanah 39'; AIK Hanna Folkesson 90'
Source: svenskfotboll, damfotboll

And speaking of Grand Dames, Kicki Bengtsson started in this one, but came off at halftime. The New Bloods for AIK (Weimer and O'Sullivan) both helped their team, but not enough. "A miracle" for Hammarby, according to damfotboll, as AIK appeared to have better play early on. A tough loss for AIK, but an important victory for HIF, who are now two points beneath the relegation line, held now by Sunnanå in 10th place.