July 14, 2010

U-20 World Cup Group C: Mexico 3-3 Japan [Quotes]

Roberto Medina, Mexico coach
We were full of energy in the first half. We worked hard and we got our reward up front. The whole team applied themselves really well, from the goalkeeper, who stopped everything, through to the forwards, who scored three goals in just 45 minutes. Our tempo dropped in the second half and Japan went on the attack. They needed a bit of luck to pull level and the own goal gave them all the encouragement they needed to go for the equaliser. In the end I think it was the right result.

Norio Sasaki, Japan coach
They went straight on the attack and that took us a little bit by surprise. We were a little fortunate to pull level but I think this is going to be a very tight group. Coming from behind to get a result like this is great for our morale though. At half-time I just tried to calm the players down, and little by little and goal by goal they managed to do it. They are a great group and a great team.