June 1, 2010

Damallsvenskan 2010, Round 9

Some weeks there's just no time to do much more than report the bare facts; these are such weeks. It's a busy time for everyone: by tomorrow night (2 June) when all Round 10 games are played simultaneously, every team in Damallsvenskan will have played four games in two weeks.

Kopparbergs/Göteborg v. Jitex BK 6 - 0 (2-0)
Goals: 5' Linnea Liljegärd (passning Sara Lindén)1-0; 45' Johanna Almgren (passning Linnea Liljegärd) 2-0; 50' Linnea Liljegärd (passning Johanna Almgren) 3-0; 74' Linnea Liljegärd 4-0; 79' Sara Lindén (passning Olivia Schough) 5-0; 87' Olivia Schough (passning Linnea Liljegärd) 6-0

Hammarby IF DFF v. Linköpings FC 1 - 4 (1-2)
Goals: 18' Jonna Andersson (passning Jessica Samuelsson) 0-1; 30' Jonna Andersson (passning Linda Sällström) 0-2; 38' Tempest-Marie Norlin (passning Nazanin Vaseghpanah) 1-2; 53' Jonna Andersson (passning Linda Sällström) 1-3; 87' Linda Sällström (passning Faith Ikidi) 1-4
Warnings: HIF Daniella Chamoun 8'; LFC Petra Larsson 55'
Source: damfotboll

Jonna Anderson was the hero of the match for LFC, scoring her first goal for them in the 18th minute and then adding her second and third for the team in the same match. Faith Ikidi returned to LFC after World Cup qualifying duty with the Nigerian national team, and provided the assist to Linda Sällström in the waning minutes. HIF coach was understandably not pleased, saying that three of LFC's four goals were presents to them from his defense, lacking only the wrapping paper.

AIK v. LdB FC Malmö 1 - 3 (0-2)
Goals: 7' Josefine Alfsson (passning Pavlina Scasna) 0-1; 39' Manon Melis 0-2; 54' Linda Sembrant 1-2; 62' Pavlina Scasna (passning Lina Nilsson) 1-3
Warnings: AIK Sofia Simonsson 29'; AIK Linda Sembrant 37'; LdB Josefine Alfsson 50'; LdB Malin Levenstad 55'
Source: damfotboll

LdB started the game without playmaker Therese Sjögren, who had pain in her hip, but Pavlina Scasna filled in that role quite well, providing an assist early and later scoring one of her own.

Sunnanå SK v. Djurgården 2 - 1 (2-0)
Goals: 6' Martina Sandström 1-0; 28' Linda Fransson 2-0; 55' Sarah Michael (passning Alexandra Höglund) 2-1
Warnings: SSK Magdalena Esseryd 46'; SSK Hanna Marklund 81'
Source: damfotboll

SSK had a good aggressive start to the game and scored twice in the first half perhaps aided by some defensive mistakes by DIF. DIF played harder in the second half, but the SSK defense was stronger and held them off, although for the last few minutes the home fans "were sitting on needles." With this win SSK earned their second consecutive victory, and their first at their home field.

Kristianstads DFF v. KIF Örebro 3 - 1 (1-1)
Goals: 6' Margret Lara Vidarsdottir 1-0; 39' Marina Pettersson 1-1; 66' Margret Lara Vidarsdottir 2-1; 78' Antonia Göransson 3-1
Warning: KIF Edda Gardarsdottir 70'
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Tyresö FF v. Umeå IK 1 - 2 (1-1)
Goals: 2' Kirsten van de Ven (passning Elin Ekblom Bak) 1-0; 10' Rita Chikwelu 1-1; 79' Rita Chikwelu 1-2
Warning: TFF Kirsten van de Ven 61'
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