April 27, 2010

WPS - Injury Update & Change in Injured Reserve Rules

Carli Lloyd of Sky Blue FC has been placed on 30-day injured reserve with a broken ankle, suffered in the match with the Chicago Red Stars. Lloyd suffered the injury to her left ankle in the 27th minute of last Sunday's win when she slipped on the surface at Toyota Park and landed awkwardly on her ankle. After getting herself to the Sky Blue FC sideline, she was unable to return to the match. She is expected to fully recover and return to action later this season.

Tobin Heath of Atlanta suffered an injury to her right ankle in the 18th minute of Saturday night's match at FC Gold Pride. The latest word on her is that the ankle was not broken, but further tests will be made to determine the full extent of the injury.

Athletica midfielder, Daniela, has now joined the team, but the exact timetable for her return is unknown at this point. She had been placed on the 60-day injured reserve list, however, that rule has just been changed to a new 30-day injured reserve status.

League Approves Changes to Injured Reserve Policy to “30-day Injured Reserve List”
from WPS press release...

At April’s WPS Board meeting, the league owners approved changes to the WPS Injured Reserve Policy from the previous 60-day Injured Reserve List.

Now, an injured reserve list called “30-day Injured Reserve” is available for players who experience a major injury. Once placed on the list, a player may not play in a league game for a minimum of 30 days. After the initial 30 days, up to a maximum number of days until June 30 (the day before player contracts are guaranteed), the player may remain on the IR or be activated, if the team chooses to do so.

For a player on the IR as of the last day before semi-guaranteed player contracts become guaranteed, the team must either activate the player or declare her to be a season-ending injury. During the time the player is on the IR, the player’s salary continues to count against the in-season total team salary compensation. If the team elects to replace the player while she is on the IR, they may do so, and the salary of the replacement player does not count against the cap.

The 60-day Injured Reserve policy is no longer in place. However, the season-ending injury policy remains unaltered: rostered players who are listed with season-ending injuries will not have their salaries count towards total team compensation and can be replaced by replacement players.