April 21, 2010

Damallsvenskan 2010, Round 3: Under a cloud

Soccer in Sweden has been in a bit of turmoil this week due to the volcano in Iceland that threw so much ash into the air. The volcano claimed four football victims in total: K/Göteborg could not fly up to Skellefteå to play Sunnanå; Olympic Lyon could not fly to Umeå for the Champion's League semifinal which meant that the game was moved to the April 28; meanwhile, though, the Örebro-Umeå scheduled for last weekend had been rescheduled for April 28th and will now take place... well, it isn't clear yet when. The fourth victim of the ash cloud is the Swedish National Team, which was supposed to have played a friendly against Germany tomorrow night.

Djurgården—LdB Malmö 0 - 1
Goal: 90'+ 1:35 Josefine Alfsson 0-1

The statistics show a surprisingly even game, with similar numbers of freekicks and corners and each team taking 10 shots on goal. Djurgården's Alexandra Höglund and LdB's Lina Nilsson both got yellow cards.

Hammarby—Jitex 1 - 2
Goals: 51' Kristine Lindblom (passning Annica Sjölund), 0-1; 53' Annica Sjölund (passning Elin Sandgren) 0-2; 80' Daniella Chamoun 1-2

The statistics for this one were not quite as even, and you might have expected Hammarby to win it, but Jitex took control with two goals in quick succession at the start of the second half. Hammarby's goal came courtesy of Daniella Chamoun, who was a 54th minute substitute. Jitex's Sofia Skog and Elin Carlsson both received yellows.

Kristianstad—AIK 3 - 1
Goals: 5' Clara Markstedt 0-1; 22' Susanne Moberg (passning Antonia Göransson) 1-1; 43' Susanne Moberg (passning Antonia Göransson) 2-1; 78' Susanne Moberg (passning Therese Björck)

Susanne Moberg had a hat trick and Kristianstad dominated the positive stats in everything but corner kicks. This result is perhaps not as surprising as the next one, but it comes close, and AIK is now 0 for 3. Kristianstad's Antonia Göransson (who had two assists) and AIK's Malin Diaz each received yellows.

Linköping—Tyresö 0 - 2
Goals: 40' Kirsten van de Ven 0-1; 53' Kirsten van de Ven (passning Johanna Frisk according to svenskfotboll and LFC but Elin Ekblom Bak according to Tyresö) 0-2
Source: Tyresö, Linköping

The surprises continue, and this one is right up there with the opening round defeat of Umeå by Jitex; newcomers Tyresö "took a mighty fine scalp" despite the reportedly bad field and wind conditions in Linköping's Folkungvallen. Linköping had the slight advantage in the first, but both reports agree that Tyresö's first goal came in the wake of a "messy" corner kick and LFC went into the locker room behind for the first time this season. Reports conflict about who assisted on the second goal, but whoever it was crossed to ball very nicely to van de Ven right in front of the goal. Linköping's play picked up again after the 70th or so, but the Tyresö defense bunkered down and weathered it. A yellow card was issued to LFC's Petra Larsson. Tyresö now looks forward to their home opener and stadium dedication this Saturday, which includes a warm-up by musical act Crusified Barbara.

Sunnanå-Kopparbergs/Göteborg delayed until 28 april

KIF Örebro-Umeå delayed further notice