April 10, 2010

Damallsvenskan 2010, Round 2 (part 1)

Second round games are spread out over the week due in part to Umeå's Champion's League campaign, and so two more games will be played on Wednesday.

Sunnanå - Hammarby 1-1
Goals: 85' Carina Holmberg (Marina Sandström), 1-0; 91' Nazanin Vaseghpanah (Daniella Chamoun) 1-1
Sources: Damfotboll, Svenskfotboll

Lots of action in the last five minutes of the game, with Sandström assisting Holmberg's goal, and then nearly assisting Matilda Forslund on a second goal that would have secured Sunnanå's victory. Hammarby had picked up their game in the last quarter, and Vaseghpanah's low shot from just outside the box gave them the equalizer in added time. Sunnanå coach Janne Hallberg said the team was more cohesive than they were in last week's loss to Kristianstad, and mentioned the good efforts of Sandström, Josefin Johansson, and Alexandra Nilsson while also noting that Perpetua Nkwocha and Luana Gomes have not yet optimized their play. Hammarby's assistant coach Annelie Norén stressed that the draw was "morally important" for her team, as two one-goal losses in a row would have been "not so fun." She mentioned especially Matilda Agné and Anna Lindblom for their work on Hammarby's defense.

Tyresö - KIF Örebro 0-1
Goal: 52' Sanna Talonen (Marie Hammarström) 0-1
Sources: Tyresö, Damfotboll

This game was technically Tyresö's home opener, but it was moved to Hammarby's home field Kanalplan in Stockholm, due to ongoing construction at their home arena. The change didn't please everyone: apparently a few Tyresö fans went to their home field first, and Örebro coach Richard Holmlund complained about the facilities afterwards, saying it should not be approved for top-flight football. The game was an even affair, the goal coming early in the second half off Hammarström's cross in from the left where Talonen met it well at about the 11 meter mark. "We played a good team today, probably the best newcomers for many years," said Holmlund, who said he was happy that the game ended as it did. Tyresö coach Tino Katsoulakis was sorry that the game did not end in a draw. "Toward the end we had many chances."

Tyresö's real home opener will come at the unveiling of their home arena Bollmoravallen on April 24 against Kristianstad.

AIK - Linköpings FC 0-2
Goals: 50' Charlotte Rohlin (Linda Sällström) 0-1; 64' Linda Sällström (Maria Karlsson) 0-2
Sources: svenskfotboll, Linköping

Reigning champion LFC was feeling confident coming off last week's win against pre-season favorites Kopparbergs/Göteborg, and has now taken its second straight victory. LFC started agressively and had three corner kicks within the first ten minutes. AIK's Emelie Ölander took AIK's first and only shot on goal in the 14th minute, but LFC had more chances in the first half. Their first goal came early in the second, from a close-range shot by Rohlin after an LFC corner kick; they extended their lead shortly thereafter on a distance shot by Sällström from the right side. Josefin Öqvist had a few chances, and must have been quite active as she got a yellow card in the 79th. LFC coach Jörgen Petersson praised especially Faith Ikidi and Rohlin for their strength in the defense, saying that it left goalkeeper Sofia Lungren with little to do.

LdB FC Malmö - Jitex BK 6-1
Goals: 5' Kathryn Gill (Elena Sadiku) 1-0; 12' Manon Melis (Kathryn Gill) 2-0; 13' Annica Sjölund (Kathlene Fernström) 2-1; 42' Kathryn Gill (Manon Melis) 3-1; 47' Elena Sadiku 4-1; 59' Kathryn Gill 5-1; 79' Lina Nilsson 6-1
Sources: Jitex, Damfotboll

After last week's shock victory against Umeå, Jitex must have been feeling pretty good about themselves; this week, perhaps it's back to reality. Their own report says that they resisted pretty well in the first half, but that the second half was all LdB. LdB coach Martin Sjögren generously agreed with that, saying that the score first half was not so lopsided as the numbers made it appear, and that Gill's 3-1 goal came out of nowhere. Still, Jitex is looking forward to next week's game against Hammarby, at which they think have a more reasonable chance.

For its part, LdB seemed quite pleased to be able to spread the credit around. The lion's share went to Kathryn Gill, who made her home-field debut in some style by scoring a hat-trick and assisting on a fourth; the damfotboll report wonders whether she will become the crucial player for LdB, being tall, safe with the ball, and as strong with head balls as Nilla Fischer. "If you have such good teammates, that makes it easy," said Gill afterwards. Also getting mention was youngster Elena Sadiku (F94) from LdB's development team, who assisted the first goal and then scored one of her own just after the second half began.

More than one thousand people attended this match, the best attendance for the season so far. In the wake of last week's red card to Göteborg's Hedvig Lindahl, people are watching the referees more closely than usual, but a single yellow card was given (to Elin Sandgren of Jitex) and apparently no one had any cause to complain about anything.