January 8, 2010

WPS Surpasses 200,000 Followers on Twitter

League to Provide Behind the Scenes 2010 WPS Draft Coverage on Twitter.com/womensprosoccer

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (January 8, 2009) – Women’s Professional Soccer, since its inception a strong proponent of social media as a powerful fan-engagement platform, surpassed 200,000 Twitter followers on its Twitter.com/womensprosoccer account last week to start the New Year. The benchmark continues the impressive growth that WPS has seen in its social media platforms. Recently, WPS was listed in USA Today Snapshots® stat of the day in the December 3 sports section as fifth among sports leagues for Twitter followers behind the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL.

“We are proud of the growth of our social media initiatives and continue to use it as an important and efficient medium to engage with our fan base in meaningful, compelling ways,” said Head of New Media Karyn Lush. “We expect to have more in store for the 2010 season for WPS fans.”

For the 2010 WPS Draft, WPS will offer immediate behind-the-scenes draft news and a variety of updates by posting TwitPic and TwitVid to its account. “We don’t have the benefit of live television coverage that other leagues might at the draft,” said Lush. “So this is a great way for fans to get immediate results, interviews, color and reactions from draft day.”

WPS was an early adopter of Twitter and became one of the first leagues to integrate it as a medium to deliver news when WPS announced the allocation of the U.S. National Team players to its teams via Twitter in September 2008. The league then used Twitter for fans to follow the 2009 WPS Draft in real-time. In March 2009, the league integrated Twitter with sideline “tweets” coming from select players on the gameday roster during its WPS Inaugural Match on March 29, 2009 and continued to use Twitter during games on a trial basis throughout the season.

WPS incorporates other social media platforms as well, and will integrate its Fan Corner into the 2010 WPS Draft. The league will run a unique giveaway promotion in which the first person to correctly predict all 11 names of the first round draft picks with correct teams will win a prize. Contestants must enter by submitting a comment on the Fan Corner at fancorner.womensprosoccer.com. The contest will be promoted on WPS’s Facebook account at facebook.com/womensprosoccer.

Via WPS Press Release