June 16, 2009

Damallsvenskan Round 11: The Weirdness Continues

By: Jocasta -- Damallsvenskan Soapbox

The 11th round of Damallsvenskan is now completed, which means the season is half over. My thoughts on the season so far to will follow...

On 13 June, Kristianstads DFF took their first points of the season, beating newly-promoted visitors Stattena IF 4-0. The two teams are now tied on total points for the season (3), but Stattena's really terrible goal differential (-40) and the fact that they have three ties but no wins puts them in last place at the moment. In Stockholm, AIK hosted second place- Kopparbergs/Göteborg, and lost 0-1 on a goal in the 86th minute by Sara Lindén.

On 14 June, on what *should* have been the shock of the week, LdB lost badly to Sunnanå at home 0-4, and the two teams are now tied on points but LdB has the edge in goal differential. In a Stockholm derby goalfest, Djurgården defeated Hammarby 5-2. Linköping and KIF Örebro were in 4th and 3rd places respectively, but today they played each other and Linköping's 4-0 win means that the two teams swap places in the table.

Shock of the Week: On 15 June, in the last game of the round, league-leaders Umeå did something that they don't do too often—they traveled *north* for an away game, against tenth place Piteå. And here's another thing they don't do too often: they came away with only one point. Yes, that's right, Piteå played Umeå to a 1-1 draw, and so have reduced Umeå's lead on Göteborg to two points.

At the halfway point, then, here are the rankings (go to
svenskfotboll.se for more details):

Umeå IK
Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC
Linköpings FC
KIF Örebro DFF
LdB FC Malmö
Sunnanå SK
Djurgårdens IF
Hammarby IF DFF
Piteå IF
Kristianstads IF DFF
Stattena IF