May 14, 2009

Select Members of England Women's NT Now With Contracts

The Football Association with a positive step forward has decided to reward select members of England Women's team by offering 17 players central contracts.

A total pot worth £1.28m over a four-year period will be paid to the 17 players. Not listed are players who compete in the WPS such as Boston Breakers forward Kelly Smith.

"This is a step in the right direction and a key strategy for England Women," said FA spokesman via BBC Sport. "Players can also work up to 24 hours in the week to boost their income."
Here is a list of the 17 players:

Rachel Brown (Everton), Siobhan Chamberlain (Chelsea), Carly Telford (Leeds Carnegie), Casey Stoney (Chelsea), Faye White (Arsenal), Rachel Unitt (Everton), Stephanie Houghton (Leeds Carnegie), Emily Westwood (Everton), Katie Chapman (Arsenal), Jill Scott (Everton), Laura Bassett (Arsenal), Rachel Williams (Doncaster Rovers Belles), Rachel Yankey (Arsenal), Sue Smith (Leeds Carnegie), Jody Handley (Everton), Lindsay Johnson (Everton), Corrine Yorston (Bristol Academy).


Anonymous said...

At last At last! the FA had enough money to keep throwing at the mens game..about time they sent some the ladies way....of course its too late for some girls..kelly smith etc..but hopefully we can hold on to the ones we have. Maybe the FA will also see how improved the USA bound girls have become..another case of if only.....? The ladies game is coming along incredibly well in the short time I have been watching/supporting the game. The blogs and websites I am on has opened up a bigger world to me of the Ladies game here and in the USA and also I have contact with a female in Germany. It is the beautiful game and should be allowed to be enjoyed by all! Our international teams will benefit and this in turn will raise their profile in the European and World championships..didnt we invent the game anyway? Ian UK

k c said...

The English players have played really well here in the United States. Smith, Carney, Aluko, Scott, and Asante are among the best players in the league.