May 18, 2009

Check Out Damallsvenskan Soapbox

Jocasta of Damallsvenskan Soapbox, a blog about women's soccer in Sweden, recently wrote a post about the Hammarby vs. Sunnanå match. Here is an exert from the post...

"I'm a little later than usual, so I sit in the middle of the stands rather than the top as I usually prefer to do, as the top row is already filled with some older guys. The weather on this holiday weekend has been gorgeous, sunny and warm, but today there are clouds and just as the game is about to start, I feel some drops from the sky hitting my neck and head. Sigh. Too bad, it's starting to rain. Then, as sometimes happens, I start to think about that. My mind plays the last ten seconds of my life over again, and I hear a tremendous sneeze as the overture. My mind freezes in horror, and rewinds again. This time the conclusion is inevitable. I have been sneezed on. I'll say that again, because I think it bears repeating. I have been sneezed on so hard that I thought it was raining. My inner microbiologist starts screaming. Mercifully, the game starts so that I can concentrate on something else."

Action from the Hammarby vs. Sunnanå match
Photo Credit: Jocasta at Damallsvenskan Soapbox

To read the entire post -- read on -- Prosit

And here is a link to her blog --
Damallsvenskan Soapbox

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