May 13, 2009

Becky Sauerbrunn -- More From The Interview

Photo Credit: ISI Photos

I recently spoke via email with Becky Sauerbrunn for my profile of her at Goal.com. Some of the material didn't make it into the piece; I hate wasting quotes especially since Becky did take the time out her busy schedule to answer my questions. So here is some more insight for fans out there.

At the Freedom homesite, she was asked in her player profile to pick one adjective to describe herself, she chose diligent. I asked her if it was more important to be diligent on the practice field or on game day. Sauerbrnn said,

"It's important to be diligent on both the practice field and on game day. However, training is supposed to provide players with an environment where weaker areas of their game can be worked on. So perhaps I try new things during training that I would never try on game day without first practicing it. My decision making becomes different during training, maybe a bit more risky, so that it's not such a risk during the game."

I also asked Sauerbrunn to list five things (soccer or non-soccer related) that readers should know about her. She said,

1. "Sometimes I need to get away from soccer and rely on books and movies to be my outlet."

2. "If I could not play soccer anymore I would try to get into publishing."

3. "I prefer the rain and the cold over a 90 degree day."

4. "My first pet will be an Egyptian Mali (a type of cat)."

5. "Soccer has given me more than I could ever ask for."


Kevin said...

Good interview, SG! Interesting answers. One of my biggest disappointments was the fact that Saint Louis made a trade that caused them to drop down in the General Draft, which cost them the opportunity to grab Sauerbrunn, who is from this area.

S.G. on May 14, 2009 at 2:26 AM said...

Thanks! The full profile of Becky is now at Goal.com