April 30, 2009

Lindsey Bailey: Q and A Interview

Photo Credit: Paul Hokanson/UB

All-MAC Second Team forward, Lindsey Bailey, tallied eight goals in 2008. During her sophmore season, Bailey, a member of the University at Buffalo women's program, recorded a total of 20 points and also paced the Bulls in shots (46) and shots on goal (25). Bailey who hails from Burlington, Ontario, took time out this spring with Women's Soccer Weekly about competing with her twin sister at the collegiate level, her favorite match from '08, and how hockey has influenced her play on the pitch.

Q. What have you worked on this spring?

A. This spring I've spent a lot of time working on my left foot and
becoming a more versitile player. My right foot is my dominant foot and
I tend to use it a lot so I wanted to work on my left foot so that I
could use it as a double threat on the field.

Q. Will you be staying active in the sport this summer?

A. Yes, I will be playing alongside my sister,
Kristen, for my club team in
Burlington, Ontario called the Burlington Flash who are highly ranked in
the Ontario Women's Soccer League (OWSL). I'm really excited because
I've been playing with these girls since I was 9 so it is always a great
time playing with them over the summer and competing and the highest
level possible.

Q. What was your favorite match from the 2008 season?

A. My favorite match of the 2008 season was against Florida Gulf Coast
University because it was one of the schools that I was recruited by and
we won on their home turf! :)

Q. Are there any advantages to having your sister on the pitch?

A. There are definately many advantages of playing with my sister. We both
understand each others strenghs and weaknesses on the field so by
working together we can create a lot of havic and naturally we can both
work off of each other in order to create and set up dangerous plays
down the wing. Some people would say we have a twin sense!

Q. How has your background in hockey influenced your game?

A. I believe that having a background in any other sport can help influence
anyones overall game. I played hockey for 12 years and even though it is
a much different sport then soccer, it taught me a lot about being a
team player and my responsibilities as a member of a team. Also, as a
hockey player, I learned very quickly that the physicallity of the game
is very important and last year as a freshmen starter I had to learn how
to be more physical on the field in order to compete at the college
level. This came very naturally due to my background in hockey.

Q. What are your goals going into the fall?

A. My goals for the fall are to become a team leader on and off of the
field and keep raising my game from my last 2 previous seasons. Also, I
would love to be a leading scorer in the MAC Conference again and lead
my team to the playoffs for the first time in my college career.